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Professional Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT in Manchester

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Manchester Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

If you are struggling to lose weight or keep it off then you may have realised that simply changing your diet isn’t enough.

The only thing that really works is a change of mind.

Hypnotherapy has long been established as a great way to permanently change thought processes, habits and behaviours, so it is no surprise that many people find hypnosis really helps with weight management.

Get Your Perfect Mind-set for Weight Loss

The hypnotherapeutic approach to the world of slimming works well for people who have had enough of endless yo-yo diets, visits to slimming club meetings and watching the latest celebrity weight loss dvds.

Hypnosis helps because as you know it’s your mind that needs to change before your body can. All the hypnotherapy changes we make at each session are focussed on getting you out of the problem cycle of thinking (snacking, portion sizes, comfort eating, avoiding exercise, etc) and into a new cycle of thinking that will ensure you have the mind-set for success. In many cases we are de-hypnotising you from the unwanted behaviours and helping you to tune into healthier behaviours.

Hypnotherapy works at different levels to help you lose weight and become slimmer:

Support and Encouragement Every Step of the Way

All the positive suggestions are reinforced in between sessions by daily support messages, a weight loss hypnosis CD and a comprehensive information pack.

The treatment plan is a fantastic way to invest in yourself and invest in a happier future.

The entire Hypnotherapy weight loss and healthy eating treatment plan is £180 covering three sessions and all materials and personal one to one support.

Group weight loss hypnosis sessions can be arranged in Manchester and are a great way to save money and share the experience.

A Change in Attitude can change your life

Weight loss hypnotherapy works in combination with a sensible and flexible eating plan that is made to measure for your personal needs so it can fit perfectly into the lifestyle you lead.

No Pressure

Putting pressure on your self to be perfect can make it twice as difficult to succeed. With Weight Loss Hypnosis you remove any inward pressure because there’s no need to obsess about trying to be perfect, as long as you eat healthy and exercise where possible, your body will be fabulous – there’s really no such thing as perfect anyway.

Is Weight loss Hypnosis a diet?

There is advice on healthy eating but it is not just a diet, it is a psychological process using tried and tested clinical hypnosis techniques to help you to think in a way that will be most beneficial to your goal.

“A diet is a selection of food that makes other people lose weight”

All the positive changes we achieve after each session combine to help you train your brain to think about food differently, so that you have more control over the things that cause you most problems, and you gain more control over any eating habits that have caused you to gain weight in the past.

A Weight Loss Goal in Mind

Over the years we have developed our hypnosis approaches for weight loss, refining and advancing the use of NLP and Hypnosis to get our clients the results you deserve.  From the moment you begin we use a healthy, logical step by step approach tailored to meet your individual needs so you will receive hypnosis that is unique to your situation.

Personal weight loss goal

One of the first steps is to establish your personal weight loss goal.  A goal is important so we can plan the steps to achieve it and map your route to success.

It’s rare that you get expert hypnotherapy and dieting advice in a confidential one to one setting, so when a client relaxes in the comfort of our Manchester therapy rooms they often see this as an opportunity to deal with the “real problem” and by overcoming any deep-rooted problems it’s easier to imagine gaining healthier habits in the near future.

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Some of the unwanted eating habits and weight loss issues we can help you with

Hypnosis for Emotional Eating - comfort eating.

The times when you automatically reach for the sweet or stodgy foods that make us feel a moment of pleasure and distract our attention from causes of pain or stress. The problem with emotional eating is that it can become a response to anything – psychological or physical – such as feeling tired, stressed out, feeling lonely, feeling bored, sad, upset by someone or something, or suffering with long-term physical pain. Many of us learn from an early age that food can be a treat or food can help distract us away from tears and tantrums.

The different types of emotional eating affect all of us at times, but it can become a bad habit, a conditioned response, and that is difficult to break if the source of the issue is not changed. One of the common side-effects from weight gain caused by comfort eating is it creates a cycle of feeling low and using food to self-medicate.

Hypnotherapy is a great way of communicating change to the part of your mind that runs habits and chooses food for comfort.

You get help to find a way to deal with emotions without food, and that means you can stop the old behaviour, stop eating comfort foods and find other things to do that will help you to stay in control and won’t cause weight gain.

You will be shown   quick and effective ways to relax so you can be in a better frame of mind to deal with stress and to feel more positive about things in general.

Break Free from Addictive Foods

Is there a type of food that hypnotises you? A food that once you pop you can’t stop? Do you find that certain things like chocolate, biscuits, cakes,  sweets or crisps turn you into a weak-willed eating machine? Or is it bread that turns your head?

Research into how the brain responds to sugar and fat proves that some foods really are addictive.  We get a reaction in the brain that is much the same as would be with addictive drugs.

There are many things that can be done to change how you perceive those foods and NLP techniques in particular rapidly reduce food cravings or remove cravings altogether.

Hypnosis for Motivation and Focus.

Often in life, the only difference between people that succeed and people that give in too early is desire. If a person “thinks” they want something enough then they can overcome most challenges and keep going.

You might imagine the difference it would make if healthy eating and exercise were as important to you as the things you really enjoy doing…

Part of the weight management process is designed to help you prioritise healthy eating and exercise so it becomes something you naturally choose to do.

If you would like to focus on a particular problem such as removing a specific craving or to change your response to a trigger that leads to eating then we can focus your hypnosis session in the direction that you choose.

What happens in the Hypnotherapy for weight loss session?

The first step is a full consultation to help us identify what you want to change and to deal with any emotional or behavioural triggers that may be causing you problems.

Body Image - Prepare for the New You

The way you view yourself and the way you feel is so important when it comes to any area of self improvement. For successful weight loss you must feel ready to accept looking and feeling good, but adjusting to a new self-image can be tricky, so at each session you receive a combination of personalised clinical Hypnotherapy suggestions and advanced NLP techniques that work to bolster your self-esteem, improving how you feel about yourself and encouraging you in every way you want.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try”

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