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Professional Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT in Manchester

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help?

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to change things about yourself that you may struggle to do on your own. It can often seem impressive to see a list of the personal problems and issues that hypnotherapy can help with.

Below is a list of the most common issues successfully treated using hypnotherapy and NLP from our rooms in Manchester. If you are looking for help with something that is not mentioned here, please contact us as there is a high probability we will be able to help you.

“A change in attitude can change your life”.

Working Together

Although Hypnotherapy and NLP are effective and rapid therapies for dealing with many difficulties, success can be determined from how well we work together as therapist and client. It is worthwhile to acknowledge that, as your therapist I am working with you, to achieve any changes you want, meaning that from the outset, we both make a commitment to achieve your desired goal.

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Weight Loss:


Stress & Anxiety: